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If you have burning questions, please visit the FAQ or contact the Shmat.

ShmatFAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

While running his record label, The Shmat started to receive homemade plastic music sandwiches (CDs) from Peoples interested in having their music released. Rather than throw them away, he decided to write some words about them. Thus, the review portion of this site was born in March 2003. In September of 2003, the Shmat decided to provide additional indie music content in the form of feature interviews.

As of March of 2006, the Shmat has ceased reviewing new CDs on THIS site. However, he is continuing the review schedule with a bunch of other Peoples on the Palebear site.

For more information on what happened, and where to send your CD for review NOW, see the demos and reviews page.
Who or what is a "Shmat"?
The Shmat is a fuzzy animal that likes good indie songs, sunshine, and treats. He is currently hard at work on his record label which is dedicated to sharing music that otherwise wouldn't see the light of day. Shmat also notes that some Peoples have named a Unix function after him, something having to do with "attaching shared memory". Shmat enjoys being mysterious, but you can see some pictures of him and his friend Bert here.

By the way, the Shmat appreciates if you say his name correctly. Hint: It rhymes with "bat", not with "spot". Also, THERE IS NO 'C' IN SHMAT!!!!
What are "Peoples"?
Who's running this show?
The Shmat is in charge. Well, like many smaller labels, Shmat Records is run by the artists on the label. Besides the Shmat, there's no major label head honchos here.
Will you listen to my music?
The short answer is... yes! BUT, please see Shmat's demo policy.
Can you send me a catalog?
In order to keep costs down, the Shmat is only offering his CDs through the web for now. If you'd like to order something from him, please visit Shmat's Shop.
Can you send me a free CD so that I can review it or give it airplay?
Shmat will have to answer these on a case by case basis, although the answer is usually yes! Please let him know the name of your organization and which band you are interested in. You can get a hold of him Contact page.
I ordered a CD from Shmat and it hasn't arrived yet. What gives?
Shmat is handling most of his record label stuff by himself, so it may take awhile for your order to be processed by him. He appreciates that you're patient. If you have other questions about your order, Shmat can most likely answer them on this page. If you've really got to get a hold of him about and order, please use the contact form.
I'm a distributor and I'd like to help you sell your records.
Shmat is most definitely interested in that. He would like you to please send more info to him.
Can I work for Shmat Records?
While the Shmat is flattered and would love to hire more Peoples to hang out with, he doesn't have the resources right now. And since he knows Peoples don't like to work for free, he'd rather not jack you over. However, you can certainly help out by calling your local college radio station and requesting a song by one of Shmat's bands. And if you ask nicely he might send you some stickers to help promote his music.
Does Shmat like beer?
The Shmat doesn't drink alcohol, but he knows lots of Peoples who do. In particular, they seem to favor fermented grain elixirs like Bass Ale, Sierra Nevada, and Guinness.
Are you related to Barsuk the Dog in any way?
No, the Shmat doesn't particularly like canines. But Barsuk Records is a fine indie label.
Why do you insist on talking in this strange 3rd person point of view?
Mreow?  Sorry, English isn't the Shmat's first language.