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Bird Perch or Stand : Homemade Bird Toys

This isn't so much a bird toy as it is a place for your bird to perch on. You could try and build a bird stand that comes up from the ground using blocks, but it can be easier to have it hang from the ceiling. These are very simple to make and can be taken out easily to clean. Most cages come with some sort of perch, but you might like to make a different one.

The idea for this homemade bird toy is basically a simple long cylinder of wood - often called a dowel. You can easily pick up these at crafting stores, or at places like Home Depot or Lowe's. They come in all sorts of diameters, but are usually sold by a fixed length instead of by the food (unless the dowel is an extremely large diameter). Buy a dowel that is suitable for your bird - most likely you won't need on larger than 1/2 inch in order for your bird to stand on.

Once you've gotten a dowel to work with, you want to cut that to a suitable length that will fit the cage. Something like 6 to 14 inches should be fine. If you have multiple birds in one cage, you can make it a little longer to accomodate them.

Now you are going to just suspend the dowel from the top of the cage so that your bird can sit on it. You can use twine, string, or thin rope - make sure it is safe for your bird. If it's too thin, and your bird likes to chew on these things, make sure it is thick enough - otherwise your pet may keep chewing through it!

There are a couple of different choices of attaching the dowel. For simplicity you could just take two pieces of string and tie it using a sturdy knot to each end of the dowel piece, and then attach those strings to the top of the cage in the desired location. If you want something a little more sturdy, drill two small holes into the dowel at either end, thread each piece of string through it, and tie large knots so the string will not slip out. Then tie both strings to the top of the cage in a similar fashion.

That's pretty much it. You can also tie or attach separate toys to your new homemade bird stand. I've seen a few people do something elaborate where they have two horizontal dowels with stacks of toys like blocks strung on string between them. Use your imagination!

Warning: I wouldn't use anything but safe wood or cardboard for the perch or stand. A metal rod is a little to heavy, and may be dangerous.