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Rope Dog Toys : Homemade Dog Toys

Rope dog toys are often irresistible for dogs of all sizes. You would think that only the larger dogs would be interested in a game of tug 'o war, but it is often the smaller dogs that will pull at the rope the most aggressively!

In order to make a suitable rope dog toy, you will need to first find some sort of material to make it out of. Some of the best ropes to use are the larger ones made out of cotton or cotton yarn. In stores these are often called "Rope Bones". These can be safer for your dog than synthetic fibers which have a tendency to cut into the gums. Use a large enough rope depending on the size of your dog, probably about 1 to 2 feet long is good enough.

It's best to either tie a simple knot at one end for you to hold onto, and at the other end, either tie a knot or fashion a "loop" so that the dog has something to grab onto. I have made a few rope toys that have a plastic hollow piece on the person's end (looks like the pull handles for water skiing) so that he can grab onto it securely. At the other end you should tie a non-slipping noose so that there is something to grab onto for the dog.

To use the rope toy make sure your dog has enough room to pull and show him his end of the rope toy. Never hit him with it to get him interested, that will only make him afraid of the rope or make him angry. Let him sniff it and once he gets the idea that this is HIS toy and it's OK to bite it he may try and pull it away. At that point, let the tug 'o war commence!

Besides providing entertainment, rope toys can also provide an added benefit of promoting oral hygiene for your dog. When a dog bites onto a rope the action of his teeth grabbing it can clean them and also help to massage the gums. They even sell rope toys that have Baking Soda and Flouride built into the rope to further help your pet "brush" his teeth.

Warning: Make sure the rope you use is not the type that will cut your dog's mouth and that there is nothing tied on the rope that will damage his mouth. A thicker rope is better than a thinner one. As always please supervise your dog to make sure nothing goes wrong.