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Archived: Shmat's Features
The Shmat has decided to discontinue the Features section for Shmat Records. That is to say, there will be no NEW interviews or features. If you are a band that was featured here earlier, rest assured that your feature will be archived here for eternity (or somewhere near that). Like Shmat's Reviews, any future Interviews and Features will appear on the Palebear site. Please note that the Shmat and his Peoples take no responsibility for typos, inaccuracies or misinterpretations contained within these articles.

February 14, 2005 : One day while wandering through the deep dark forest that is the internet, the Shmat stumbled upon a few meditative MP3s from Anamude's Urban Comfort EP and was instantly hooked. Ana Hortillosa is Anamude, and through her songs she presents us with a persona that is friendly, intimate, and mysterious all at once. She creates stark, evocative portraits on her acoustic guitar that are as much poetry as music. With the release of her stunning full length album, Pentimento, Ana takes the next logical step of fleshing out a few of the songs while remaining true to the spirit of her earlier work. Recently, the Shmat sat down with her to as a few questions by email...
- interview by

I originally found your music through a link from someone's webpage... the usual way things happen on the net nowadays. That's perhaps a good starting point... what do you think about the proliferation of MP3s, CD-Rs, the internet and other technology? Is this a good thing in general for music and musicians?

AH: In general, I think it's a good think for music and musicians. It can be a little overwhelming, as there's never enough time to listen and find all the great music out there, but with the playing field a little leveled...I think more diversity and experimental music has an opportunity to hopefully connect with some people. The proliferation can be intense, but encouraging too.

I want to give people who haven't heard your music before a bit of background... did you grow up in the San Francisco area?

AH: No, I went to college in the San Francisco area. I grew up around southern California.

Were you interested in music and/or performing at an early age? And were there a lot of musical influences around the house when you were young?

AH: I was more interested in writing and poetry when I was really young. I wrote about anything and everything, pretty much on any surface I could fine. In my teens, I got into drama and starting dabbling with guitar. My mother is really keen about piano. I did take some violin and piano lessons at an early age because of her.

Yeah, I can totally relate to the "parents - piano lessons" thing growing up... I read in an online bio that you majored in Drama in college... are you still interested in or working in that field (acting/playwriting)?

AH: I majored in cultural anthropology and drama, and I do work with a lot of ethnic-based performing arts groups and visual artists. I continue to write scenes on the side...and they usually become kernals for a song...

When did you start playing guitar and under what circumstances... was it an easy thing to get into or did you struggle at first?

AH: I bought my first guitar when I was...I think 12, and I started with flamenco classes my freshman year of high school. I struggled most of the time and went on and off with guitar for a long time. It wasn't until college that I started to play a little more consistently.

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