This site contains ideas for home made hamster toys that can be created cheaply and from basic materials.

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Homemade Hamster Toys : Introduction

What hamster doesn't like to play on a wheel?

Hamsters are fun pets to keep and are even more fun to watch as they play with their toys. They don't like to be in completely empty cages so most people go out of their way to make sure that they have cool and interesting hamster toys.
The variety of hamster wheels, games and tunnels that you can buy is endless. While the majority of people simply get goodies for their hamsters at the pet store or online, some people like to make their own hamster toys.

Store-bought toys are often better because they've been pre-tested for usability and safety but individual hamsters can act differently toward different types of toys.

It's tough trying decide what to get though. You might pick up things at the pet store for your hamster that they might not even use. And although it seems like they are cheap, continually buying a whole bunch of toys can really hit you in the pocketbook after awhile. While hamsters aren't as picky with toys as other animals, it can still be difficult to find things that work. In addition, different breeds of hamsters and hamsters of different ages may react require different types of playthings.

Unlike with other larger animals, much of the pleasure derived from seeing a hamster run in a hamster ball or go through a maze of tubes is meant for HUMANS and not the animals themselves. Sure, running on a wheel and playing in hamster mazes can be good exercise for the hamster, but at the end of the day they're not going to know the difference between a cardboard tube and a tube made out of plastic. Either one will work for them. So it comes down to usability, durability and what pleases the pet owner. How a hamster toy looks might matter more than with other animals. So maybe trying to make your own hamster toys isn't such a great idea, if you're really picky about how they look. In that case, you probably want to buy your hamster things instead of making them.

But still, it might help to do some sort of toy prototyping or testing first, before you visit the pet store. And there's a certain satisfaction about seeing your pet run through cardboard tubes or play on a homemade swing you constructed yourself. Well, you might want to hide your home made hamster toys when your friends come over to visit. Or maybe not, if they're well made! But in any case, if you find one of these free hamster toy archetypes that your pet really likes you can always throw the home made items away and try and buy the equivalent toys at the stores. You can test out their interests first with the free stuff, and then buy things that you know they'll like!