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Reviews Archive
You're looking through the archive section of Shmat's Reviews. There are a total of 293 reviews. If you're interested in newer reviews, please visit the Palebear website which is where all new Shmat reviews will appear (as of March 2006)

Reviews #, A-B

The 32-Bit Handhelds - S/T
3ColorNegative - S/T
63 Crayons - Good People
A Last Ditch Effort - Untitled Demo
A-Frames - Black Forest
Abattoir 3000 - Road Trip To Oblivion
Keith John Adams - Sunshine Loft
The Album Leaf - In A Safe Place
Alcove - Untitled
All Night Radio - Spirit Stereo Frequency
Mike Allen - Cirrhotic
American Analog Set - Promise of Love
American Eyes - S/T
And Academy - Her and Hurts, Hearts
And Academy - Love and Africa, Love and Academy
Andalusia - Around Three In The Morning
Andrew Sherman Vehicle - Untitled
Animal - Sawn Creator
Apple Orchard - Paris Was A Daydream
Arsenal - Untitled
Art Damaged - Untitled
The Art Form Unknown - Untitled
Asaurus Records - EP Club #1
Asaurus Records - EP Club #3
Asaurus Records - Spring Sampler
Asaurus Records - You Already Have Way Too Many CDRs
Ashley Park - The Secretariat Motor Hotel
Astropop3 - Allies and Stepping Stones
Avelar - L.P. No. 1
Avenue D - Bootleg
Awesome Cool Dudes - Slam Dunk Contest
Barsuk Records - Future Soundtrack For America
Barsuk Records - Treats
Basil The Mouse - Untitled Demo
Belle and Sebastian - Dear Catastrophe Waitress
Beltline - Welcome, Nostalgia
Adam Bianchi - Eleven Demos By Adam Bianchi
Birddog - Songs from Willipa Bay
Birdmonster - Self Titled
Birdy NumNum - The Courtship of Birdy NumNum
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Start A People
Blackfall - Untitled
Bloom - Untitled
Leo Bloom - Misery, Missouri
The Bother - The Night Bleeds Gold
Boxborough - High Tide On A Bright Night
The Boxer Program - Prizefighter
The Boxing Lesson - Untitled
The Boyish Charms - A Blueberry Transmission
Boyracer - Happenstance
The Brands - Ballads for Stairs and Transparencies
Breezy Porticos - Keep It Crisp
Brief Candles - S/T
The Building Press - Young Money
The Bunny Brains - Holiday Massacre '98

25 Random Reviews

8.7.04  Oval-Teen
8.24.04  The Boxer Program
4.27.03  3ColorNegative
9.2.04  The Capstan Shafts
2.7.06  Kelley Stoltz
3.12.04  Asaurus Records
7.19.04  Avenue D
2.3.04  Jai Alai
9.24.03  Swirlies
11.28.04  Apple Orchard
12.6.03  The Lil' Hospital
5.19.05  Slow January Records
5.2.03  Jeff Hanson
11.19.04  Frausdots
1.26.05  The Channel
3.4.05  Iron and Wine
9.10.03  Mellow Drunk
11.1.04  Comets On Fire
11.2.03  Owen
10.10.05  Starring Me
8.22.03  Starbag
10.16.03  The Soft Set
5.4.03  Ryan Doyle
1.3.06  Katie The Pest
4.1.04  Chad King