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Reviews Archive
You're looking through the archive section of Shmat's Reviews. There are a total of 293 reviews. If you're interested in newer reviews, please visit the Palebear website which is where all new Shmat reviews will appear (as of March 2006)

Reviews C-F

Cabrini - Self Titled
Cameron Ember - Good Things Happen To Bad People
The Capstan Shafts - Ample Tribes For Sullen King Pounder
The Capstan Shafts - Great Reset Button Of Life
The Capstan Shafts - Hope Gets Wheels
Carsick - No Farmers, No Food
Casaverde - Untitled
Jennifer Casey - Untitled
Casino Ashtrays - Just Like Me
Casino Ashtrays - Long After The Commercials Have Ended
Casper and the Cookies - Oh!
The Catheters - Howling ... It Grows And Grows!!!
The Channel - Personalized
Chelsea's Corner - When They Gain They Fall
Cholo - Untitled Demo
Chrash - The Party
The Cinema Eye - Complete Arsenal
Cody Road - First Half A Dozen
Coffinberry - Untitled Demo
The Collars - Room 5
Comets On Fire - Blue Cathedral
The Constantines - S/T
Mike Conway - The Broken Wing Line
Cordoba - Untitled
Crix Crax Crux - Camel & Needle
D.W. Holiday - Technical Difficulties, Under The Influence
David Neuer - Mr. Anybody's Anthems
Daytrader - Untitled
The Det Chords - Untitled
Diamond Nights - Popsicle
Dick Taut and the Ripcords - Woodland Hymns
The Diskettes - Self Titled
Ryan Doyle - Campaign To Kill The Sparrows
Draw Tippy - S/T
Driver Of The Year - Some Girls Would Say
Driver Of The Year - Statik
The Drop Scene - * Black Heart
The Ducks - What Were Once Ducks Are Not Ducks
Dusty Rhodes and the River Band - Untitled
The Dutch Elms - Music For Happiness
Earlimart - Everyone Down Here
East River Pipe - Garbageheads On Endless Stun
The Elected - Me First
The Elected - Sun, Sun, Sun
Elekibass - California
Elliott The Letter Ostrich - Coweta Android
Elliott The Letter Ostrich - Motocross Be Thy Name
Josh English - Bridges and Tunnels
The Envy Corps - Soviet Reunion
The Ethnobabes - Stargazer
Jacob Faurholt - Turn The Lights On
Jerry Fels - How To Make Enemies...
Jerry Fels - I've Made My Bed And Now I'm Lying In It
Mike Ferarro - Pigeon Club EP
The Film Stills - Let's Go Away
Finishing School - Destination Girl
Fishstick - Professional Fishstick
Kathy Fleischmann - Unresolved
Folk? - Self Titled
Forest Giants - Postcards
Frankenixon - Sweaty From Your Uselessness
Frausdots - Couture, Couture, Couture
Frogger Phrampton - Untitled

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2.11.04  Organ Donor
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10.27.03  Ashley Park
11.21.05  Diamond Nights
1.24.05  Astropop3
4.19.03  High School Mustache
7.8.03  Yo La Tengo
2.28.04  Rusty Tomaski
1.2.05  Lettuce Prey
7.21.05  Tom Thumb
1.11.05  The Mosquitoes
2.6.05  The Postal Service
11.19.04  Frausdots
1.9.04  Pants Yell!
11.19.03  American Analog Set
3.16.04  The Film Stills
9.10.04  My Clark Kent Birthday Party
1.26.05  The Channel
11.25.04  Cody Road
4.29.04  Kristian Thomsen
2.22.05  The Sha-pels
12.4.04  The Collars
4.21.03  Shalloboi