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Reviews Archive
You're looking through the archive section of Shmat's Reviews. There are a total of 293 reviews. If you're interested in newer reviews, please visit the Palebear website which is where all new Shmat reviews will appear (as of March 2006)

Reviews G-K

Girlinky - High Kicks Beat Low Punches
Girls In My Pocket - S/T
Goddakk - Untitled
The Goslings - Perfect Interior
Grandaddy - Sumday
Graves - Yes Yes Okay Okay
Jeff Hanson - Son
Happiness - Must Have Fun
Happy Go Lucky - The Pet Rescue
The Helio Sequence - Love and Distance
Herr Nilsson - Does Music Make The Demons Go Away??
High School Mustache - Things That Were Blue
Holiday And The A.P.C. - Good
Kevin Huelbig, Jr. - Summer Is Over
Humblebee Recordings - Hey! Where'd The Summer Go?
Hushmoney - Untitled Demo
Hybrid Kid - Demo
Indie Rock Messiah - Untitled
Interoffice Romance - Future Banquet Facilities
Iowa Mountain Tour - The Chicken Insurrection
Iron And Wine - The Creek Drank The Cradle
Iron and Wine - Woman King
Jad Fair and Jason Willett - Superfine
Jai Alai - Drive Safe
Jamie Pigg - Something For Your Head
Jennifer Gentle - Valende
Jim Duffy - Side One
Gabriel Joel - Acoustic Yet Running
Milo Jones - Lifeline
Josh Zero - Untitled
Katie The Pest - This Giant Will Kill You
Steven Kattenbraker - S/T
Chad King - Love Your Engine
Kingsauce - Please Don't Change The Channel
Kinski - Alpine Static
The Koala Bear Syndrome - Untitled Demo

25 Random Reviews

4.28.03  The Stoves
10.16.04  Girls In My Pocket
5.17.04  Owen
9.17.04  The Album Leaf
3.18.05  Driver Of The Year
1.11.05  The Mosquitoes
4.21.04  The Lil' Kickers
4.16.04  Jesse Thomas
9.9.03  Bloom
5.4.04  Cordoba
4.25.03  Elliott The Letter Ostrich
1.1.05  Shumai
2.10.05  Ouch
3.30.03  The Boxing Lesson
10.19.04  Bill Santen
3.11.04  East River Pipe
9.19.03  Michael Zapruder
6.29.05  Asaurus Records
6.2.05  Minmae
1.3.06  Katie The Pest
7.20.04  Jacob Faurholt
8.29.05  Pants Pants Pants
3.28.04  Steve Seymor
8.11.04  A Last Ditch Effort
9.18.04  The Sewing Circle