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Reviews Archive
You're looking through the archive section of Shmat's Reviews. There are a total of 293 reviews. If you're interested in newer reviews, please visit the Palebear website which is where all new Shmat reviews will appear (as of March 2006)

Reviews L-N

L.A. Tool And Die - Fashion For The Evildoer
La Pieta - Unreleased
La Rocca - Sing Song Sung
Le Pepes - All Fun Things End
Letting Up Despite Great Faults - Untitled
Lettuce Prey - Early Years
Lettuce Prey - Jesus Christ Air Conditioner
The Like Young - Looked Up Plus Four
The Lil' Hospital - I Wanna Be Well
The Lil' Kickers - A Little Teaser
London Apartments - Untitled
Lost on Purpose - Rising Wildfires
Lost On Purpose - The Ultraviolet Effect
Loveninjas - I'm Really Sorry
Magnanimous Records - A Magnanimous Compilation
Magnet - The Tourniquet
Makeshift Love Affair - Demo
Bryan Mangieri - Seahorse Blues
Map - Secrets By The Highway
Map - Think Like An Owner
The Marlboro Chorus - Entangled
The Marlboro Chorus - Good Luck
James Mason - Carnival Sky
Matthew Shaw - Ghosts In The Concrete
The Medusas - Demo
Mellow Drunk - Before And After Then
Ken Michaels - Sit In The Sun
Michelle Payne - Michelle Payne
The Midget - Debut
Minmae - I'd Be Scared, Were You Still Burning
Minmae - True Love
Mode 7 - Night Echoes
M.D.U.B - The Endless Retreat
Morning Spy - Two Horses
The Mosquitoes - Our Generation
Muk - Muk
My Clark Kent Birthday Party - See You When i See You
Sal Nastasi - Untitled
Neat Stripes - The End Of That
New Bethel - Inside The Blue Vera

25 Random Reviews

8.18.04  Steven Kattenbraker
4.27.03  3ColorNegative
11.7.05  Jerry Fels
10.19.04  Bill Santen
1.21.04  The Bother
4.28.04  Pond Rock
5.4.03  Ryan Doyle
4.28.03  The Stoves
7.21.05  Tom Thumb
9.18.04  The Sewing Circle
2.14.06  La Rocca
7.1.03  Teeny Grownups
7.8.03  Yo La Tengo
12.28.03  Kathy Fleischmann
11.19.04  Frausdots
3.22.05  School For The Dead
6.30.03  Zack Orr
8.11.04  A Last Ditch Effort
7.1.05  Wolf Parade
4.2.03  Ward White
9.28.04  Soltero
3.11.04  East River Pipe
3.9.05  Jason Spiewak
11.1.04  Comets On Fire
6.27.03  Jennifer Casey