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You're looking through the archive section of Shmat's Reviews. There are a total of 293 reviews. If you're interested in newer reviews, please visit the Palebear website which is where all new Shmat reviews will appear (as of March 2006)

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Teeny Grownups - Songs For John's Confirmation
Thank God For Astronauts - Take It Tough
The Thermals - Fuckin A
They Walk In Line - All Mine
This Bank Holiday - Home Time Is Safe Time
Jesse Thomas - Excelsior Effort
Rosie Thomas - If Songs Could Be Held
Kristian Thomsen - Weeds and Pills
Tom Thumb - ... Songs From Holiday
Treeball - The Strawberry Blonde School of Class
TV On The Radio - Young Liars
Under Shooting Stars - Pillows Out Of Sweaters
Mike Verna - Untitled
Jason Voss - Arts and Crafts
James Walsh - Down In Flames
Wavering Saints - Strike Date
Chris Wedertz - Silver Street
Caleb Weintraub - Untitled
Ward White - 4 Song Sampler
Brandon Wiard - Painting a Burning Building
Winter Vacation - The Netherlands, 1980
Wolf Eyes - Burned Mind
Wolf Parade - Self Titled
Woody Whatever - When I Lost I Left
Xrayok - Untitled
Yo La Tengo - Summer Sun
The Youth Class - This Is What I Remember
Jason Yudoff - Smoke Sex Water
Michael Zapruder - This Is A Beautiful Town
The Zest of Yore - Admit That It's Christmas (You've Got To)

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