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L.P. No. 1 (CD-R Demo)

If Franklin Bruno was able to muscle his way up onto the stage at a Built to Spill show and wrestle the mic away from Doug Martsch, the result would be a pretty good approximation of Venice, CA's Avelar. Singer Andrew is such a dead ringer for Bruno that the Shmat had to do a double take to make sure he didn't pop in a Nothing Painted Blue CD by mistake.

On first listen, the songs appeared to be of the straightforward guitar rock trio variety that the Shmat gets in the mail often. On closer inspection, the cuts off L.P. No. 1 cover a surprising amount of rock territory with nods to the wackiness and tempo changes of XTC as well as the chordal structures of newer bands like Quasi and Beulah. Though it's debatable whether this is intentional or not, this is what sets it slightly apart from the ever-present crop of bombastic rock wannabes foisting their music upon Los Angeles. The Shmat thought the track "One Final Plea" in particular was kind of cool, with an interesting riff similar to something out of the Jam's "In The City" or perhaps an old Kinks song.

- review by SHMAT (3.27.03)        

Avelar Music
7211 El Manor Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90045

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