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The Sanguine O.S.
Untitled (CD-R)

I got this interesting 2 song CD-R demo from The Sanguine Orchestration System (nice name, and only costing 30 letters!) the other day. The two songs contained on this album are very moody, kind of hinting briefly at something David Bazan or Lou Barlow would be comfortable singing, but less structured and not as poppy. The first song, which I believe is called "New England Song", has vocals with a reverse effect added to it for that eerie Twin Peakish feel. This is a slower track and I think I liked this one better of the two for that; it fit the mood a little better. Somehow (and I believe the presence of the violin in the songs has much to do with it), the music has a sort of Dirty Three feel to it. In any case, the lack of distorted guitars or other standard pop guitar notions leave a lot of room to play around in this song.

The second song "Teeth" is faster, more guitar driven, and contains a lot more dynamic energy in it. But with swings and stops, the band cuts up the song into little bits and pieces. In the middle, there will be a drum break (or violin break) with just plaintive vocals holding up the charge before the band starts in again. There is a trick ending about 3 minutes in and then the song re-emerges. Then, just as suddenly as the band bursts back into your consciousness the song ends abruptly. It's difficult to judge the music based on just these two tracks, but it's no doubt very interesting stuff. And better than a lot of the other junk that comes in...

- review by RABBIT (2.6.04)        

Shane O'Connor

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