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Organ Donor
midwest/Italia (CD)

Shame on me. Much as I'm a proponent of first impressions, shame on me for putting this disc by Organ Donor aside in the corner without a second listen. Turns out that midwest/Italia is a really competent release with enough dynamic highs and low to make things interesting. Ranges from Palace Bros. - like acoustic laments ("Sweetie Pie", "Caroline") to full on emotive rockers ("Love and War", "Christmas Song". I know this is an old release, perhaps 2002, but I felt it needed to get some spotlight. Often melodramatic, but not in a bad way. Slightly classic rock in feeling at times, but without the ego. Strong, memorable tunes. Late era Beatles (especially in the piano work). The laid back feel of the Eagles minus a lot of the cheese. A bit of a country tinge, maybe Wilco.

"Apology (Baby Don't Go)" might have been something Thom Yorke had penned, with frequent major to minor shifts. Has that "Creep" feel of acoustic meets explosive distorted transition. "Winter Song" is also very nice with soaring guitar (ebow?). The Smiths cover "I Know It's Over" has an ancient feel, and sounds like it's being sung by The Boss. That's Bruce Springsteen for you young-uns. All told, a very well put together album. Also, apparently only ONE guy (J. Grace) making most of this full sound. Shame on me for not paying attention.

- review by SHORTY (2.11.04)        

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