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The Bunny Brains
Holiday Massacre '98 (CD-R)

Holy cows. Or maybe that should be holy bunnies. This CD-R release by The Bunny Brains is either horribly bad or horribly good. I can't make up my mind. I know that I haven't listened to a really 100% experimental noise amalgamation in awhile. This certainly falls into that category. Sheesh. Try as I might, I couldn't sit still through any of the first four tracks. In fact, "Stookey Ring of Evil" contained such unbelievably bad singing that I nearly chucked it. But I'm Shorty, you know. "A reasonable guy." Give me some context and I might come around. Well, I thought I heard a little Lee Ranaldo or something in here. And sure enough, track six on this album, "Birty Doots" is actually a cover of Sonic Youth's "Dirty Boots". Well duh, you say.

After that, I think I started to see how the frenetic and ungainly vocals might work with the guitar distortion and smashing drums. The bass sure is wiggly at times. Like fat white worms worms running through greasy bacon fat. Yeah. Liked the interesting record scratching on "Chocolate Party". Went back and listened to "Switchblade Sisters". That's actually not bad, in that it's a real track. What I mean is that, come on... with all that noise you need at least some semblance of songs. Otherwise you're killing off half of the 1% of the people who haven't thrown it away yet. Give 'em a bone. Make up a melody. Make a few choruses. It might help.

Crazy stuff. I'm going to give this album a 3rd spin after a few weeks rest to see if I get anything further from it. Hey, don't play this on your parents' stereo though. They'll take you outside and shoot you with a sawed off shotgun.

P.S. There have been a total of over FIFTY people who once played in this band. I kid you not, look at the website.

- review by SHORTY (3.1.04)        

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