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Untitled (CD-R Demo)

It's quite fortunate these guys included pictures to go with their 4 song Demo CD. Thusly, I've the fortuitous opportunity to proclaim that Andrew Cleland looks remarkably like Kurt Cobain (or Daniel Johns, take your pick) and Cyrus Sidhwa looks nearly almost not exactly like this dude who I knew at EE grad school if you added on some 3 inch sideburns. What... not impressed with the descriptions? Hey man. Just going from the material I have to work with.

The first track is loud distorted guitar power-pop, like Replacements, Posies, or any number of boy grunger bands they play on mainstream "alt" radio nowadays. I know the names of exactly none of those bands by the way. I'm fricking old. For crying out loud. It's not bad though. I think I liked this song the best though it seems a bit predictable and the rawness has gone AWOL because the boys eschewed DIY for a studio recording. A lot of people I know would maybe have tossed the CD at this point. But not Shorty. I keep ticking like the farking Energizer bunny. Lately, these reviews are long as well. I should change my name. Maybe to "Cranky".

The 2nd track is a bit slower, set up like a Pearl Jam tune or something. To Cleland's credit, I could deal with his vocals a lot better than quite a few other standard rock outfits I've reviewed. There's something kinda appealing in the semi-gruff vocals. Kinda. I get bored easily by anything. The 3rd track is slow as well, a bit more funky or something? Didn't like the choruses as much in this song. By the way, I need to make a bumper sticker. Like the anti-grape picking ones in Spanish they used to have that said "Uvas no!". Mine will say "Solos no!". To Sidhwa's credit, solos don't manifest themselves everywhere, just semi-frequently. Really disliked that 4th track, they tried to change the style. Into what, I'm not sure. Some sort of funk acoustic guitar party thing that I hear at festivals and swap meets. Yuck. I would stick with stuff like the first track. That'd be the bread and butter.

- review by SHORTY (5.4.04)        


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