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Elliott The Letter Ostrich
Coweta Android (CD EP)

The Shmat used to know some Peoples who actually uttered sounds similar to the ones that Elliott The Letter Ostrich often make. Like broken subversive robots, they used to go "meep meep" and "tweeerk!" and "hoohtaoooh". The operative difference here is that these Peoples used to make the sounds sitting in their office workplace environment whereas ETLO do so in the comfort of their newly decorated spaceship home, the Coweta Android EP.

"House Plants To Ghosts" opens up the EP with crusty synthesizers buzzing and gronking with hints of things gone awry down at the local time machine shop. This gives way to the chugging space rocker track "Hasselhoff 3010", which reminded the Shmat of early Beulah or the Masters of the Hemisphere. Jesus Shmat, if ONLY David Hasselhoff had gotten off his Babewatch behind and turned Kitt into a spaceship and made some music like this... but Shmat will just have to wonder what could have been.

The avian ruminations on "When I Was A Barn Owl" are a dreamy little lullaby spawned especially for astro kiddies, with vibes plunking softly in the background and the soft hoots and coos of owls all around. Ever present heliumized vocals and tasteful acoustic guitar makes the Shmat think of The Shins or Elk City. The closer track starts off with a bang (gigantic phaser at the beginning of this song) and ends on a meditative whimper of our space heroes occupied by a letter from "Gargles the Holy Spirit (3010)". Shmat isn't too sure what's happening in this mini story, but it's damn interesting!

One of the most prominent (and strangely captivating) devices used on this album is the warbling sigh-speak which is present on nearly every track. Shmat doesn't know if these are the weary sighs of space colonizers who upon landing on what they figure is a promising planet, look out their window and see to their horror Peoples destroying the good old green Earth and thusly decide to blast off for Mars. Or, perhaps these are instead the sad sighs of time travelers who've gotten their feet planted in the year 3010 and can't find a way back home. Either way, Oklahoma funsters Jhohn and Airon have created a poppy masterpiece that provides a suitable soundtrack for driving under or even through the stars.

- review by SHMAT (4.25.03)        

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