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Untitled (CD-R)

It's come to my attention that certain people have accused me of not living up to my name. Shorty, that is. I immediately propose to make amends - by writing more Shortily. Ok, here is a CD-R demo from Arsenal, from Whittier, CA. Hey, the Shmat has cousins that live in Whittier. Anyhow, the Arsenal sound is actually surprisingly nice, a combination of distorted flailings and mellow shoegaze tendencies. Well, I say surpisingly because a name like "Arsenal" sort of connotes some type of screamo or hairmetal. Best song is probably the opening track "Translation", though I feel I've heard this somewhere before. The aggressively distorted ending sounds sort of like the Swirlies. The second song "Midnight" certainly does remind me of SF 59, as pointed out on their bio sheet. Occasionally more boozy than punk at times, lead singer Arturo's voice carries everything quite well even when drenched with reverb as in the last track "Turkish Delight". This song has some strange chords in it that reminded me of 4-string guitar enthusiast Jeff Martin of Idaho, as well as falsetto vocals that sounded a little bit like VU's "Femme Fatale". Not too shabby.

- review by SHORTY (6.22.04)        


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