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Untitled (CD Demo)

My, aren't we confident! This 5 song CD Demo by Casaverde contains artwork that primarily consists of a largish picture of Mr. Greenhouse himself. A big, sabre-toothed Seinfeld-like shot of him is also plastered onto his one-sheet. Yikes! You have to have cojones to do that. Luckily, there's at least SOME musical moxie to back up the assumed egotrips. The music itself is your standard early 90s indie rock a la Teenage Fannies or The Posies, with some fairly attractive soaring melodies. Nothing mindblowing, but the style is at least palatable. The swingy rock grace of "There's Something Out There" is clearly one of the better of the bunch, and might fit in well w/ a CD by 60s retropop kings Fountains of Wayne. I'm not so sure if I dig the lyrical content of "Talisman" though, in which Greenhouse quite cheerily sings "...she just wants to f*ck your mind". (It's not that bad I suppose... I thought at first he was saying "mom" instead of "mind"!) "Why Don't You" rocks out like Elvis Costello and a tiny bit of Ween. Toward the middle of that song he tries out this super munchkin falsetto that comes out sounding a bit comical. "I'm A Man" sounds like his take on the Red Hot Chili Peppers, or at least what I imagine they sounded like in recent years. That particular reference notwithstanding, some decent stuff overall here, I guess.

- review by SHORTY (6.24.04)        


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