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The Cinema Eye
Complete Arsenal (CD)

It is by accident that the Cinema Eye are in my world but their drive and enthusiasm is infectious and now I have their CD and I have seen the Cinema Eye live too. As I see from various press
clips, "This Columbus, Ohio quartet takes the best of '80s new wave and combines it with hints of classic hair-metal." The mad riffing of the guitarist combined with the pounding beats of the rhythm make the dance punk sound more interesting than most if all the dance punk pretenders. The proto no wave/neo goth grooves of the first track work remarkably whilst the prog rock changes create an organized havoc. The vocals are razor sharp and actually engaging for such a multilayered mix. The best possible way to describe the joy I feel in listening to this band is best described in how they manage to combine precise intricate keyboard grooves, crafty almost mathy guitar riffs, and dynamic vocals all in one song at one time ... The Cinema Eye are bringing a delicious adventurous noise to your doorstep that is in short supply. This is one of the few bands you will hear Gang of Four and Megadeath grooves at one time while solid vocals weave in and out with ease. More information on The Cinema Eye at

- review by JULIAN RANT (6.30.04)        

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