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Makeshift Love Affair
Demo (CD-R)

Well, on first listen this is pretty much straight punk pop in feel. What saves the Makeshift Love Affair demo from quickly "becoming one" with my circular file is the insistence on occasional spacey birdwalks and time signature variations. These would hinder other bands, but in their case it's quite welcome. The more straight, angsty pop parts saw me with index finger hovering over the fast-forward button. Elvis Costello, as noted in their bio, is pretty much an accurate assessment. Hurts this review perhaps, that I'm not a big fan of his.

If you asked me to pick out my favorite track, it'd probably be "Paper Plates", the opener, though the emo, sing-song quality of the vocals sort of bugged me on this one. There are 2 live tracks on this CD, recorded at some club, but neither really helped or hurt my general feeling about the music. It's OK, but nothing mind-shattering. Does music have to be mind-shattering? I'd guess not. But there you have it: my opinion once again.

- review by SHORTY (7.13.04)        

Makeshift Love Affair

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