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Avenue D
Bootleg (CD)

Debbie and Daphne of Avenue D have been making a fine racket in the underground for several years now and despite the riotous "raw" live shows and griity electro hooks true success has eluded them. In an age where blandness is aplauded and boys with guitars still "rule the school" Avenue D just don't get it and I am very happy they don't get it. From the underground dance floor hit "Slut?" to the parody of "Punk Rock Song" all the songs on their debut album showcase their beautifully grating banter/rhymes over chunky electro booty filled hooks and it is all heaven to my ears. The best songs on this brief debut are the club/dance oriented songs that feature the bawdy rapping/shouting that make Avenue D essential and distinct in a scene merely seen as "80's retro revivalists." Daphne and Debbie like Miami bass, booty bass music, and of course over the top sexual school r&b rap which shows in most every song on this album especially "The Sex that I need" and their indie hit "Slut?" Avenue D are on their own path now that electroclash was knocked down before it even got a chance to stand up and their debut which is fantastic is varied, fun, energetic, discordant without touching or going near the trendy sound of Gang of Four, and most importanly hook/tune friendly too.

- review by JULIAN RANT (7.19.04)        

Avenue D

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