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Jacob Faurholt
Turn The Lights On (CD EP)

Ah yes, so I see you have not heard of Denmark's Bloated Sasquatch Beer Theatre Audio yet. Shame on you. Better known as the BSBTA label, here is their 63rd offering, a nice EP from balladeer Jacob Faurholt. It is interesting hearing Faurholt's slightly wobbly pipes croak (reminisciently at times like Bright Eye Oberst) alongside music that seems at turns slightly country, slightly folky, slightly angsty, slightly emo... let's see, anything else? Well, I guess it's mostly folky and country. "Saturday Morning" is actually a great track because of its hollow spareness and strange flangey keyboard chirps which haunts the song repeatedly. I'm reminded of For Carnation and Songs: Ohia on that track as well as in "Boy". It's strange the amount of atmosphere that can be taken up by just him and a guitar. Nice accordian (or is that melodica?) on "We Got Lucky In Berlin". There is a sad but bemused sort of appalachian-ness to the music. That Will Oldham thing is running through many of the songs. "Let Them Go Part 2" adds mournfully beautiful piano chords, the kind that accompanies lukewarm coffee on a bleak morning. I admit I put this disc aside for awhile. I wasn't really listening at first. I certainly am now.

- review by SHORTY (7.20.04)        


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