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Casper and the Cookies
Oh! (CD)

By the 4th song ("Sneaky Snake") on this album, " I was just about rolling on the floor. Laughing. Not at the music, but rather with the lyrics. I think Casper and the Cookies win the award for the craziest, insane, funniest lyrics I've seen this year. It could be bad news having a particular type of music accompanying it. But instead they take the They Might Be Giants approach of having a huge variety of styles ranging from Elvis Costello ("Take It Away, Kathy"), rocking doo-wopish Billy Joel ("Oh!"), to balladish Beach Boys ("Summer Spider"). And it quite works. But back to the lyrics, I couldn't get over them exclaiming "sneaky snake!" every other line, it was just so funny. "Bubblewing Park" continues the crazy lyric parade with stuff like "All the fountains are flowing and the water is fine / Take a dip! / You know the fish don't mind". Or how about the Devo-ish "My Heart is in My Head" wherein they sing "You ran your fingers through my hair / I can't figure it out / My body wasn't there! / Hey that's a bit obscene!". Boy... And I'm not talking about the U2 album. Fans of campy and quirky pop will love this album. But if you don't like being entertained in this special way, you'd best cozy up to the latest Interpol album instead. "Oh!" takes classic rock styles and Alice in Wonderland and mutates it into something that's a cross between Fountains of Wayne, Free Design, and Moxy Fruvous on a drinking binge. Very interesting and disturbing all at once.

- review by SHORTY (7.31.04)        

Happy Happy Birthday To Me
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