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Untitled Demo (CD-R)

A great little set of demo songs from Hushmoney out of Philly, PA. Good indie stuff seems to come outta the brotherly love town: Matt Pond, Bill Ricchini and others. So I wasn't too surprised. Well, there's also the fact that Ricchini actually sings backup on some of the Hushmoney songs. I was a little bothered by the frequent clipping and distortion in certain parts of the songs. Especially in the vocals. But not bothered so much that it wasn't enjoyable.

Headed up by John Corkery, Hushmoney makes a classic 70s-80s retro sound that has plenty of pop smarts and hooks. If that sounds trite, well it ain't. They do it better than some other major label bands I know, so there. "The Running Man" is a straightforward garagey rock track (great bratty drums on that one) but "Hold on Donna" could almost be a Belle and Sebastian song at times except that the vocals are much more gravelly. Fun harpsichord stuff going on in the background. "Straight Up Letter" is my favorite on the disc, with these overlapping vocals running around in the choruses. Actually, I got a surprise after the song because the disc kept going on even though the bio says there was only 3 songs! The 4th and 5th songs were actually pretty good too. For some reason I keep feeling early Billy Joel and Elvis Costello in some of the tracks. Though that may not be really accurate. In any case, worth a listen if you can hear them play out in the Philly area.

- review by SHORTY (8.10.04)        


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