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A Last Ditch Effort
Untitled Demo (CD-R)

It always amazes me the desperation inherent in this thing we call music. It makes people do crazy things, quit jobs, break up with significant others, start bands, and name them "A Last Ditch Effort". Or something to that effect. Why, here we have a band with that exact title. This is Derek Manalo's vehicle called "A Last Ditch Effort". Maybe I'm making too much of it. Maybe his tongue really is in his cheek. Maybe he's a happily married, well adjusted individual. But man, claiming in your bio that in effect you were a precursor to emo... oh, the pressure! Well, who knows, maybe he WAS a precursor to emo.

So anyhow let's keep some score. There's things I like here, and things I don't. I don't like that it's very difficult to hear anything because of the digital artifacts in the music. Sounds like the speaker cones on my stereo have ripped... I don't think lo-fi was meant to be inaudible. I like the telephonized voiceovers in the songs. Adds some variety. I don't like the, er, "emoting" quality of the vocals. That subtracts variety. I like that he chose a mellower tune and a harder tune to represent himself. Once again adding variety. I like the screaming and super high emotion music on "Goodbye to Romance" even though sounds so much like every other emo band. I really don't like the metallish taste of the guitars on there. I like that he said he photocopied his ass at a church function. That gets 2 points instead of one.

Ok, so that's something like 5 Pros and 3 Cons. Not bad I guess. So hang on Derek, it may not be the end of the world as you know it.

- review by SHORTY (8.11.04)        

A Last Ditch Effort

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