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The Capstan Shafts
Great Reset Button Of Life (CD)

Sometimes, typing reviews in this miserably hot little burrow with no air conditioning, I'll hear a little burp from the computer. An ominous CPU burp, freezing the screen. And, more than often, I'll be forced to reach under the desk and press that solemn gray reset button. If only there was such a button in life to reset the hiccups.

The personable and quite hummable songs of The Capstan Shafts (whose CD title Great Reset Button Of Life elicited that momentary blurp of fantasy) walk that fine line between merely being in a bedroom musically and living in one. But the songs have turned out not half bad, for all their bedroom-secluded feel. "Virgin Queen of the Cattlemen", with its yipee-aye-eh-oh's could be a sort of lo-fi prairie anthem. Fans of Beulah, Slomo Rabbit Kick, State of Samuel, Lil' Hospital, and Tullycraft should sign up at the door for this disc. The quality of the CD is muffled and distorted, reminding me strangely of Denmark's BSBTA label. Most of the songs consist primarily of Dean Wells, acoustic guitar, and these big poofyish drums. Sometimes distorted things crunch around, like summer bees in a rampage smashing through the countryside. These are little pop capsules of summer fun for you to enjoy. Take two or three with your glass of lemonade.

- review by RABBIT (8.13.04)        

The Capstan Shafts

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