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Flaming Guns Of The Purple Sage (7" Soundtrack)

What kind of music would you get if you combined Scenic, Dick Dale and a bit of Velvet Underground? The answer is far from definite but somewhat likely that the mishmash of sounds produced would equal something which is similar to that put out by Paradigm9. The record I've just listened to is called Flaming Guns Of The Purple Sage. Let me say first that I put this 7" on the turntable first at the 45 speed and didn't notice it was meant for 33 1/3 for awhile, although I thought it was a bit strange to say the least. The reason I didn't notice is that there aren't any vocals on the album beyond the occasional voiceover sample and plus the music doesn't have a lot of cues in it that would lead me to realize that it's being played at a high speed. But when corrected, I sat back and started to enjoy the songs.

This truly does remind me of Bruce Licher's Scenic at times, and the old time western depictions of horses and cowboys on the cover of the album are not incongruous. But though the overall atmosphere and feel is like Scenic, the situation is nowhere near as sparse and there is a lot of Dick Dale type surf guitar being played, though the reverb is enormous enough that it disguises the exact nature of the guitars. I don't know, it could even be some other sort of instrument like a sitar? I'm not too versed with international music, so excuse me. Anyhow the droning lines are played so thick that at times they blend together in an ungodly howl similar to John Cale's viola on some of the Velvet Underground stuff or maybe some sort of twisted . Along with the guitar sounds, there are tub-thumping drums on songs like "Sterling" and "Baxter Blue" that are more similar to dub or trance music than surf guitar. I'm somewhat glad that there's only 6 songs on this record, because more might have been too much to absorb. As it is, this was the perfect length instrumental record for me and a great mood setter. It's a fine and wild ride with the only price of admission being a set of openly experimental ears. I just went to the site now and saw that this was actually a soundtrack for the theatre? Very interesting... I guess that fits though. From Magnanimous Records, MAG006.

- review by RABBIT (9.1.04)        

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Shepherdstown, WV 25443

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