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My Clark Kent Birthday Party
See You When i See You (CD-R)

The full name of the band is My Clark Kent Birthday Party, but it might be better known as Bryan Mangieri and his four-track, noodling off in 4 songs of acoustic sememo (that's semi-emo to you). Liked these songs a little better than his earlier disc I had a chance to listen to once, "Seahorse Blues". Hey, so there is nothing to do in Midwest City except make curious music like this?

"See You When I See You" with it's wobbly chorus of, well "see you when I see you", is cool for about 1 minute. I don't know what it is about the current penchant for angsty vocal twang matched only with an acoustic guitar. Get so many of these CDs in the mail. Not many are super interesting, nor are they super bad. It's been done, that's about what I have to say. However, "I'm Just An Embryo, You Know" sounds remarkably like something from Jad Fair (the Shmat had mentioned to me that Bryan often resembles him). Lacks the requisite crazyness of instruments though. The most interesting track to me was "Hallways, High Schools, Hospitals" with it's ascending guitar line and lazy chorus of "No don't tell". The slower feel of the song just seemed very different. And the last track with it's super fast guitar and reverbed long, drony vocal lines was promising as well, though rather lengthy at over 5 minutes long. Well, I don't mind if stuff isn't spot on perfect or original, and he's clearly having fun with the material. And maybe that's all that matters.

- review by SHORTY (9.10.04)        

Bryan Mangieri

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