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Hybrid Kid
Demo (CD)

Hybrid Kid started in the UK and recently relocated to San Francisco. This outfit draws influences from distinctly American influences like Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr. vocally, and at times Beck too.

The first track is catchy but rather stagnant in terms of musical dynamics, arrangements, and energy too. The sound of Hybrid reminds me of the 1990's indie rock explosion in terms of its relative safeness and limited musical scope which reminds me of prime American indie rock like Sebadoh. The popular bands working within the same scene of Hybrid like the Constantines go from crafty indie rock numbers to quirky folky songs all while keeping the songs melodic and tuneful. Hybrid Kid are folky and surely indie rock but just not very eye catching. Hybrid Kid hit their stride on the 3rd track which interestingly enough is the most British sounding on the EP. The track sounds at times like early Radiohead and the vocalist seems to let go of his fake Americanisms. The reverb laden guitars on some of the tracks are refreshing and give the steady almost plodding songs more atmosphere than you would expect from a band like Hybrid Kid.

The band claims to be influenced by bands like Pavement, Beck, and Radiohead but there is also a lazy almost alt-country feel which is attractive but fairly underdeveloped too. Lead singer, Danny Lloyd, is talented and his voice is certainly strong but unfortunately the style is generic and right now with bands like Franz Ferdinand, Radiohead, and other left field acts storming the mainstream Hybrid Kid seem rather dull but competent and talented still despite the lackluster style.

- review by JULIAN RANT (9.21.04)        

Hybrid Kid

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