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The Shifties
The Apartment/Factory Songs (Cassette Tape)

The Shifties hail from Chicago and quite live up to both their name and windy city of residence. How so? Contained on this 10 song tape, The Apartment/Factory Songs, are several different shifting styles of music from all out punkers to Beatles and/or Shins melody jerkers and whichever way their mood blows, so goes the songs. Difficult to pin to any one genre, the Shmat did hear a lot of 60s influence from good ol' summery guitar lines to warm vocal melodies. The Shmat especially liked such rockin' numbers like "Fat Shirley's" which sounded sort of like Tullycraft doing Ramones covers. On the other hand, "Your Song" is variously Turtles-like and John Vanderslice-ish. Often quite wordy, as on "Insomniac" (try singing "Not a sociopath just an insomniac" very quickly), this quartet of Adam Pyne, Jeff Tudor, Justin LeRoy, and JD King is still able to bring home the bacon when it counts with these enjoyable songs. Out on Best Kept Secret.

- review by SHMAT (11.5.04)        

Best Kept Secret
c/o Alessandro Crestani
Via Biron di Sotto, 101
36100 Vicenza, Italy

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