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Mike Ferarro
Pigeon Club EP (CD-R)

The CD that I got from Mike actually contains the Pigeon Club demo that is depicted in the picture, as well as other various home recordings (Tascam 8-track) and stuff from another session. The New Jersey boy has a pretty clear voice, clearer and less whiny than a lot of other balladeer types. Though he does tend toward the emoting side of things in his singing style. Some nice acoustic guitar playing on the first three tracks. I think my favorite track of the three Pigeon ones was "Something For Nothing."

Interestingly, the home recording stuff struck my fancy quite a bit more than the studio stuff. I don't know if it's the atmosphere or the method of recording but songs like "For Friendship" just sounded a whole lot more honest and true with better energy than the studio stuff. Great melodies on that song which at times reminded me of Earlimart or Heatmiser. I dunno, but I liked the way the drums came across on these recordings too, even when they shamble along. "Yesterday Was A Burning Plane" is an interesting half speed song with distorted guitar leading the charge through drony Sebadoh-like ambiance. The disc rounds out with a fun spot-on cover of GBV's "Awful Bliss" from, Bee Thousand, one of my favorite albums of all time. I think that statement is telling; that's probably the reason the home recordings appealed to me more than the studio ones...

- review by SHORTY (11.10.04)        

Mike Ferarro

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