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Awesome Cool Dudes
Slam Dunk Contest (CD)

I bet these guys get a lot of opening statements in reviews that read something to the effect of, "The Awesome Cool dudes... they're awesome!" Well, I guess that's not far from the truth as far as producing innovative music that lives somewhere in the dusty realm of Brian Wilson outtakes with later day saints Beck, Beulah and The Apples in Stereo. Just when these effervescent Austin, Texas musicians have got me believing they're living in an Elephant Six playground with a song like "2 Chair", they throw in a strange rappity rap number like "Tall Green Grass". I know nothing about rap, but this switchup was really weird in good way. And so goes pretty much the remainder of this head spinner of a disc, entitled Slam Dunk Contest.

"Poopy Finds Heartache" gets back to sounding mellow like Mark Linkous or F.M. Cornog but is immediately trounced upon by the 70s R&B experiment"Great Afternoon". Later, "Geniuses vs. 86 Mets" brings out the 80s guns sounding like Devo crossed with The Pulsars. Awesome Cool Dudes are like a rapper trapped inside a country folk musician trapped inside Elton John trapped inside a recording studio on Mars. They remind me of those nested wooden Russian Dolls. Man, there's a lot to digest here, probably more than I can do justice with a short review. Merits 3rd, 4th, and even 5th listens. Just trust me when I say your boredom will NOT be a factor here.

- review by SHORTY (11.11.04)        

Awesome Cool Dudes

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