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Cody Road
First Half A Dozen (CD-R)

Interestingly enough, this CD by Cody Road may be the first in a series of so called GROUP reviews that the Shmat is going to try to do. The occasion was an envelope stuffing party (read: free labor from anyone the Shmat could snag with his paws). As the work started to drudge on and the mashed strained fermented grain started to flow, talk turned to music reviews and then a few Peoples had the bright idea of getting out the box o' CDs needing reviews and review them right then and there. Originally, the Shmat had planned to go around the room and have each person write down his opinion of the disc. This soon proved impossible since everyone's hands were busy with said envelopes. So he's taken the liberty of editorializing some of the comments round the table thusly:

Shades of Gram Parsons, some nice harmony vocals. Competent, early 70s style rock informed by Poco, bit of CCR, Country Joe & Fish. Everyone though that the song "Careless Whispers" might indeed be a dreaded cover of the notorious Wham song but luckily it turned out not to be the case. Dan Meyer sounds a bit like Tom Petty at times and at other times completely NOT like him. Certain songs dragged a bit, but most songs sound like they would fit well on AOR, and the band probably would do well in a smaller club, especially those with a soft spot for country rock. None around the table found the songs particularly offensive to taste, but neither extremely exciting or groundbreaking. Others may disagree completely, especially younger punks and indiepop kids and such, since the average age of the Peoples in this discussion was about 35...

Please stay tuned for more "group" reviews brought to you by the Shmat...

- review by SHMAT (11.25.04)        

Mike Groves

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