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Apple Orchard
Paris Was A Daydream (Cassette Tape)

Now that the Shmat has gotten his cassette player mojo back, courtesy of a electronics garage sale extravanganza, it's time for him to return once again to the land of lil' tapes. Here's a goodie from Best Kept Secret. Brother Ryan and Dale Marquez play mellow, Sarah Records-esque pop in their little bedroom project entitled Apple Orchard. The Shmat was extremely gladdened to hear dreamy sweet sounds from "(When Everything Is) Safer" and "Don't Pretend", the former which sounds a bit like Trembling Blue Stars and the latter like Spent mixed with Yum Yum. Occasional casio keyboard lines spice up the mix on this 7 song tape, Paris Was A Daydream. The Shmat's favorite track of the tape was the delicate and engaging "Scenes from the Sky" which skips along pensively until ramping up a bit near the end. The grand tradition of slowcore bedroom pop remains alive and well with this duo from the Phillipines.

- review by SHMAT (11.28.04)        

Best Kept Secret
c/o Alessandro Crestani
Via Biron di Sotto, 101
36100 Vicenza, Italy

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