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Sharon Fussy (CD)

Shorty is the name, I tell you. And I'm about to really start living up to my name. Yep. Cause we got a huge to-do list of reviews the length of these beauties is going to get a little shorter. But no less pithy. Look, I'm still going to write good things about good bands. Like this Sharon Fussy disc by Pinkie, aka Alex Sharkey. Just as advertised, Sharkey does an excellent job of channeling the Sarah Records catalogue. Delightfully poppy and hooky in all the right places with a serious melodic bent to the songs, I found myself driving along with the album on repeat watching leaves swirl around to the beat of the music. As heartbreak love songs, they burrow into your consciousness and surface only as gentle heartbeats reminding you what it is that songs were supposed to do in the first place. A track like "Adelaine" is beautifully pastoral,but moves you along with an insistent beat, like a really good Field Mice song would do. This is a first rate debut album, out on Planting Seeds...

- review by SHORTY (12.2.04)        

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