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The Collars
Room 5 (CD-R)

I've heard one half of The Collars already, in the form of Mike Conway's solo stuff. The Collars follow a similar path to his earlier CD, "Broken Wing", with what seems like the addition of Postal Service type drum machining added in the background. Though the songs are poppy and melodic, I'm not so sure if the artificial drums and strings work so well here. I liked the creepy sounding "A Vision Floods My Heart" quite a bit though. A bit of Pedro The Lion perhaps? In general, pretty nice singer songwriter stuff with beats, though I think that if they could maybe get some other real players to round out the other instruments it would go over even better.

Um..I was a bit confused as to what "Hey, Hey", "Breathe All This In" and "Big Mo Mo" was getting at because at times it sounds like someone fussing around with the channels on a radio... wait that WAS the CD skipping all over the place. I couldn't figure out what was going on, in fact it even went to track 10 at one point (there is no "track 10" on the album). Folks here's a tip for you... i know those completely "black" CD-Rs look cool and all, but a lot of non-computer CD players can't read them so don't burn yer audio on em please. Argh!

- review by SHORTY (12.4.04)        

The Collars

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