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The Marlboro Chorus
Entangled (CD EP)

Last I visited Marlboro Chorus land, I belive I pronounced them as frustrating, but damn fun. Frustrating, as in each and every song seems to breed such a strange yet unrecognizable familiarity. Fun as in wild, wonky juggernaut honky tonk rock. Their EP, Entangled seems to drive down a similar path. Beatles and Beulah in the bushes. Marlboro Chorus is an interesting beast to me... sometimes I'm completely snookered over by their excellent pop smarts and other times I'm nonplussed or even slightly bored by their songs. Yeah, but don't kill me yet for feeling that way. Read on.

Well, there is no boredom at all in the 2nd track,"Song For L". This extremely accessible song is like a Sugarplastic song that met Jason Lytle in the bathroom at a Sea and Cake concert. Fun little arpeggios, great drums, and superb melodies... this track alone was worth the price of admission. "Running Out" and "Hymn of the New Republic" are similarly excellent, with the latter a cool rock song bleeding expletives as in "God Bless America, Let's f*ck". The head bobbing title track "Entangled" chugs along sort of like Ben Folds meets Lou Reed. This EP is supposedly supposed to be them in their minimalist phase, though I'm not sure if the all out rocking songs are minimalist in any way. In any case, I really liked this EP. So, Marlboro Chorus, you've won this round... but I see you just released a new CD so if I get to review that one you'll have to put up yer dukes while I try to decide to praise or pan ya!

- review by SHORTY (12.7.04)        

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