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Port Guyana
Untitled (CD-R)

We don't get many CDs from the Aloha state, so I figured I'd talk a little bit about this one. (Full disclosure: I have relatives in Kona on the Big Island, so maybe I'm trying to help a brudda out...what, you no like? I go you go stay go... and so on.) In fact, I think the only Hawaii based indie band I've known is the now defunct Dambuilders. Ok, this is a three song untitled demo CD, no info with this disc but I did find them online. They list their sound as "warm progressive indie pop fronted with female vocals" and that's pretty much what you get here. Shades of Racecar, That Dog, Doves. There is a sort of digital sheen to the recordings that sound like they were done in a real studio. Not that it's a bad thing, but most anonymously packaged discs I get are of the garden variety lo-fi four tracker methodology. Strangely, they reminded a few of the Shmat workers of a few Japanese indie bands including one called Garnet Crow and another called Brilliant Green, though that band is definitely more poppy. Port Guyana tends to rock out quite a bit more with distorted guitars and shoegazer drone tendencies. Of the three songs, I dug "Asleep" the most for it's sort of droning middle section. The band doesn't fool around with trying to be either extra experimental or confrontational which is probably a good thing. Just solid indie poprock to go. But Gwen also does have quite a pretty voice that sits well on top of the music, and that also definitely helped the overall vision out. And damn if it isn't always a surprising pleasure to hear something that doesn't sound like Don Ho, Billy Joel, or a luau coming out of Hawaii...

(The band consists of Gwen - vocals/guitar, Paul - guitar/vocals, Eric - bass, James - drums)

- review by SHORTY (1.1.05)        


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