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Untitled Demo (CD-R)

I was all set to tear apart Coffinberry limb from limb. With pen and paper, of course. That name, it just feels like a heavy metal band that got displaced in a fruit time warp if you know what I mean. You don't know what I mean of course, because you are a mere indie music afficianado looking for information on what might be worth listenening to. You don't know about fruit time warps. Where am I going with this? I don't know, perhaps I'm needlessly padding to make my word quota for this review. Padding. Yes.

Ok, in any case despite my hangups on the name, this demo of 3 songs by Coffinberry (say it a few times and you get used to it) is not half bad. Loud power pop that borders on rock is the order of the day here, and the Cleveland natives do it quite well. Give me a beer or two and this band at a show and I think I'd be a happy camper. The first song, the melodious "Needn't Be So Mean" reminds me of Fountains of Wayne crossed with Subset. They have a energetic poppy feel that also reminds me of the heyday of the Posies. While the tracks are fairly short, they pack a lot of dramatic punch into 3 minutes of unabashed indie rock. The last song is a bit wilder and sort of reminded me of The Strokes especially in the quality of the vocals and chugging overdriven guitar. I really like the drums on this song and that slamming snare on every beat made this mix really nice, though I couldn't get into the guitar solo things near the end. I feel like if you were watching them live they might have impact of a Superchunk without Mac singing. There's a lot of good energy here and happily it doesn't go to waste in needless wanking because I get the feeling it easily could have descended into 5 minute solos apiece if they weren't careful. Nice solid stuff...

- review by SHORTY (1.12.05)        


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