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Black Moth Super Rainbow
Start A People (CD)

There is a song by Air where the word "Remember" is spoken through a vocoder over and over again that really stuck in my head for a long time after listening to the song for the first time. Not that there aren't any electronic bands using that device in their music, but it's a very distinctive thing. So I think that Black Moth Super Rainbow (hereby abbreviated to BMSR, not to be confused with BMRC which is Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) will be getting a lot of comparisons to Air because of their use of the vocoder in their strange electro-pop songs, and also because like Air most of their songs are instrumental.

This CD, entitled Start A People, turned out to be a very interesting mix of songs wherein kaleidoscopic, wavering synths caper around old school backbeats. This is strange electronic fruit meant to be picked up by old hunter-gatherers of the 70s. They pull out some great samples with audio detritus still attached to the roots. Though the bulk of the music is electronic based, it doesn't come off as frigid or sterile at all. Rather the loopy and fat warm analog keyboards lend a little nostalgic sunshine and informality to their songs. There are playful video game - like repetitions throughout the songs, but they don't sound overtly digital or "Marioish". Stereolab and Broadcast fans may want to check out these mixes, though they might be a bit turned off by the complete lack of any singing. Still BMSR, who are "made up of 3 to 5 members at any given time" have created an interesting anachronistic document that can still by read by electronic music lovers of any age.

- review by RABBIT (1.28.05)        

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