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Draw Tippy
S/T (CD)

Although the day-glo pink and green color scheme of Draw Tippy's self titled album tended to make the Shmat squint, the music itself made him feel like bouncing in his chair. With a nod toward 80s bands like They Might Be Giants, XTC, Pulsars, Rentals, and Moxy Fruvous, one man bandleader Dave Pachence uses electronic and melodic creativity to present 14 songs of catchy pop deliciousness all by his lonesome. The songs are heavily geared toward keyboards and drum machines, and the subject material is decidedly nerdy/science fiction driven with titles like "I, Robot", "Oscillate", and "White Noise". (hmm... Shmat knows I, Robot is Asimov but could "White Noise" refer to the Rudy Rucker book?), However, the Shmat thinks that a lot of the tracks could be enjoyed by just about everyone. "California" is a pleasant little ditty that reminded him of Sugarplastic's campy "Polly Brown" but with Brian Wilson style vocals. "I, Robot" starts off like the Cars "Just What I needed" but ends up like Grandaddy lost in a synth shop. On certain choruses, Dave's naturally reedy voice gets a little tiring when it's out in the open for too long, but that is often quickly remedied by the interesting bleeps, bloops and arpeggios that frequent the music. Above all, the Shmat thought this was really good for a solo effort and suitably catchy for pogo-ing to. Does anybody remember pogo-ing at shows? That needs to be revived one of these days...

- review by SHMAT (2.8.05)        

Draw Tippy

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