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So L'il
Revolution Thumpin' (CD)

Let's add to the list of bands that have names that have the word "Lil" in them. There's Lil' Hospital, Lil' Kickers and now I'm groove-digging this Revolution Thumpin' album by the band So Lil'. I almost gave this CD a pass based on the title opening track, which was a little too Luscious Jackson-y and rappy for my tastes. But hey. The second song "Feed The Pain" got me on the train again. Because they combine quirky songs with interesting beats, sweet-ish girl vocals and twiggy keyboards, I think their nearest peers are perhaps Sissybar. Quite a few of their songs seemed to line up in that vein, though they seem to have a penchant for more futuristic leanings as opposed to pop structures.

"Agitated" sounds like Will Schwartz from Imperial Teen filtered through trip-hop. I said a quick bye-bye to "Bye By Zooey" because the singing was 100% reversed backwards and I've heard that Twin Peaks effect too many times. Moving on to "Indispensible" which simmers with saxaphone and a slow R&B beat and "Fuck Them Hordes of Aliens" which sounds like a tune that might have been played in a club in the movie Blade Runner, I came to one clera conclusion: You certainly won't get bored with this band very soon. The parts I liked were less trip-hoppy and more indie-poppy, but that's just my tastes coming through. Electronic music mavens will find definitely interesting tidbits to file away for their Ipod random shuffle...

- review by SHORTY (3.13.05)        

Goodbye Better

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