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The Rep
Fragments (CD)

The Rep make the kind of experimental music that your grandma most definitely does not like. They heave out equal parts of distorted treble like Medicine and J&M Chain and heavier footed pounding like the Melvins or a band called Slug(?) that I once heard play a 20 minute song consisting of one chord. Well, they've got more up their sleeve than one chord, but still it's very difficult to get into at times. Their CD Fragments sounds at its best like dark and gothic Sonic Youth outtakes. I very much disliked the soloing in the opening track "Black Forest Philosophy", but "Pure White Good Times" has an interesting quality to it. Many of the songs contain muffled background noises that sort of sound like people talking on walkie-talkies in a cavernous room. The spacey and wordless close "Comedown" is very atmospheric in texture, and sadly was my favorite track out of the lot. But if you like music that comes across as experimental fragments rather than songs, you'll probably dig this disc.

- review by SHORTY (3.16.05)        

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