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Self Titled (CD EP)

Difficult to write a review on this 3 song EP by Birdmonster without at least mentioning Modest Mouse at least once. Or twice. Modest Mouse. Oh wait, the press bio does say that too. So I'm right on. I didn't hear too much of the referenced "classic American" style. The jammy and energetic "Resurreection Song" reminded me a bit of Doug Martsch's stuff as well with a bit of old Afghan Whigs thrown in for good measure. "All the Holes In the Walls" has a pretty nice lock step double time beat along with Peter Arcuni's speed growl made for a pretty nice groove. I could see them playing this on Soma FM probably. "Janine" was a little too funky for my tastes but I could see how this might encourage a crowd or two to smash around when played live.

Recorded at the well known Tiny Telephone studios (John Vanderslice's setup) in San Francisco, Birdmonster's self titled EP is musically sound as far as the songwriting and musicianship goes. Even quite a bit rocking. But like a lot of the "modern" post-punk prog-rock stuff coming out nowadays, it just seemed a bit difficult for me to really get into. Whether they'll blow up like Modest Mouse might depend if they can get one of their songs into a car commercial or two...

- review by SHORTY (4.1.05)        


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