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Happenstance (CD)

It's weird but I've always sort of lumped Boyracer in with straight-up melodic indipoppers. I think that's because the extent of my exposure to them has been through various indiepop collections. So listening to their latest album Happenstance was sort of cool because I got to experience 100% Boyracer and nothing else.

They're a lot more noisy and experimental than I remember which is really excellent. Fast, energetic and pretty short songs that at times put me in the mood of the dirty guitars that bands like the Swirlies revel in plus maybe a little smoother lo-fi Butterglory action. Boyracer has quite a history, going back nearly 15 years I believe and formed in the UK (I think like the first show they ever played was supporting the Beatnik Filmstars which says a lot). Standout tracks include the aptly named sour "Vinegar Evenings" and "Where To Place Your Trust" which felt like a great outtake from an Urusei Yatsura session. "Careless and Caught Out" is so distorted and trebly that I thought my speakers might pop! This is pretty raw stuff as I said and much, much less candy-coated than some of their poppy brethren. Certain songs like "The Moment" are a bit toned down. In any case there are 23 great quick chances on this album to find something to like. I may have to take a little trip to Amoeba to look for some of their earlier stuff on Sarah or Slumberland if this new CD is any indication of their back catalog. I've also heard that they have a new 7" called "It's Not True Grit" out so I may look for that as well.

- review by SHORTY (4.11.05)        

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