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Dick Taut and the Ripcords
Woodland Hymns (CD-R)

What's your first instinct when confronted with something you don't understand? Why, it's to run far, far, far away! But I couldn't run away from this. Who could resist reviewing a band called Dick Taut and the Ripcords!? My indie karma will be sky high after this.

It's not that the music is bad... no wait, yeah it is. Well, it has one unavoidable thing going for it, however. It's not mainstream, to say the fricking least. Many of the songs, like such gems as "The Good Hard Man" and "We Broke Into A Crypt" contain the title in the lyrics about 50 million times. It certainly does get the message across though.

Speed fast-forwarding through some of the songs reveals that the music is a mish-mash of folky rock, electronic videogame noodling, strange instrumentalism, and Dungeons and Dragons type chants. At its best, it comes across like They Might Be Giants out-takes and when I say out-takes I mean tapes that they thought they burned but some janitor decided to salvage at the last minute.

"Drunk Magus" is for all I know an exact rendition of a drunk magus, minus of course the magical powers aspect. It would be bad indeed if they had magical powers because then they could cast some sort of spell on me that would cause me to stop fast forwarding through all the parts of the CD.

[fast forward ... fast forward]

As far as weird CDs go Dick Taut and the Ripcords (and I didn't even get to spout opinions on the wonderful name choice) wins hands down. As open as I am to the strange and weird when it comes to music, this was really off the proverbial deep end.

- review by SHORTY (4.24.05)        

Dick Taut and the Ripcords

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