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Pants Pants Pants
Pop Songs To Make Us Famous (CD)

If the newest craze in band name theory is to include the words "Pants" in your name, then this band has definitely got a pantleg up on the competition. Hehe. Loosely labeled as "Electrocknic", the trio Pants Pants Pants has made a really fine album that meshes the weird clicks and beeps of sad eyed robot bartenders with strange, strong pop melodies, with occasional forays into rap territories.

Perhaps it's not such a good idea that I'm reviewing this album since I know absolutely nothing about Electronic music... I do know that it's difficult for me to escape likening Lauren Lauren's (Lauren Odette's) vocals to both Sterolab and Broadcast. But that's probably because the extent of my electroexperience. I DO notice some strange, germanic "Rock Me Amaedus" rap themes in songs like "Zapakraut", "Squeeze It" and "Sensible Gangsta". I definitely wasn't as bit a fan of these types of songs.

But "Mildly Delicious" was pretty cool, sounding a bit like Ms. Pacman trapped inside a Tortoise album. My favorites are definitely the more straightforward songs that have a bit more rock in them, like "Born In The BBS" and "Fabio Salsa" which both feature vocals really shine and glow, almost like Lush.

- review by SHORTY (8.29.05)        

Pants Pants Pants

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