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I'm Really Sorry (CD-R)

My ears found their way to another delicious Humblebee Recordings release, the Loveninjas EP that came out awhile back. I have sorely missed some good old fashioned telephonic lo-fi business lately and this EP provided it quite nicely.

The band is from Sweden like many of the Humblebee releases. I do like me some Swedish indie pop. The affable Loveninjas are a mixture of East River Pipe closet keyboards and DCFC (or All Star Quarterback) musical meanderings. On the plaintive and popful title track I'm Really Sorry, keyboards twinkle and vocals speak truly, stripped of all their hi-fi inhibitions. The instrumentation also reminds me of Shmat's own Hrududu Factory at times.

The band is mostly the work of one T. Helmstein which suits me fine for this type of music. "Meet Me Here" features a dinky little electric piano with Postal Service - like drums. I like how many of the songs are a little longer than your average two minute Guided By Voices devotion to beer. Still, the EP is over in a flash, and I found myself with it on repeat as least twice before I realized it. "I Want To Be Your Man" contains some nice swimming vocals and superfast drums, but the standout for me is "My Lust Is Dead" which really does remind me of Poor Fricky era East River Pipe, maybe "Keep All Your Windows Tight Tonight". A gorgeous shimmering song that aches along, reminding you of muted sunsets with the stars barely visible in the sky.

Yeah, you could say I love these Loveninjas, goofy superheroes who insist on slicing up hearts around the world with their songs...

- review by SHORTY (9.18.05)        


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