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Jennifer Casey
Untitled (CD-R Demo)

Funny, I just flew into Phoenix, AZ on a transfer flight the other day. As the plane drifted down toward the airport over the barren, moonscape mountains, I wondered if there were a lot of indie bands and if so what kind of music they made. I mean, let's be real, a substantial portion of Arizona looks and seems like a whole lot of nothing, and where there's nothing to do indie bands tend to spring up non-stop. And then the turbulence started up and I forgot all about indie music as I nearly lost the Sausage 'n Egg McMuffin I'd gobbled earlier that morning. Yeah, I get airsick.

Well, when I got back to L.A., there was this CD-R by Jennifer Casey sitting in the P.O. Box and of course, she's from Arizona. Mesa, AZ to be exact. With only two songs on the disc, there's not a whole lot to judge by. But if this is any indication of the direction that other Arizona indie bands are taking, I'm a bit disappointed. Of the two songs, "I Lost It" is the stronger tune, although the chord structure and melodies felt similar enough that I felt as if they were nearly the same song. The first song on the demo, "I Know", is pretty standard 80s type music and though the octave jumps in the piano lead were kind of interesting at first, the rough tuning edges in Jennifer's voice becomes more apparent when forced to ride those exact same jumps. "I Lost It" has more of a country rock feel to it, and because the vocals are free to wander a bit the song as a whole just seems to sit better. Overall, Jennifer has a decent voice, but I think going for the straightforward radio pop approach to the instrumentation is the wrong avenue to tread down here.

- review by BY (6.27.03)        

Jennifer Casey
Mesa, AZ

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