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Holiday And The A.P.C.
Good (CD)

Holiday And The Adventure Pop Collective (and feel free to choose a longer name) make music in the vein of Ben Folds Five and perhaps a less kitschy Moxy Fruvous on their album Good. The latter group comes to mind especially in the singer's vocal style and the quirky choice of lyrics on songs like "Juilus Caesar Had It Coming" and "The Strength of Years".

Once again, I can't really get into this mainstream way that the vocals are presented, especially the crystal clear overdubs. The singer has an interesting voice. That's definitely not what threw me off, but it's more the way it sits in the music that made me sort of uneasy. Instrumentally, there are a lot of different things to notice here, violins and horns are presented tastefully along with lots of piano. I think my favorite tune on the album was actually the spaced out and reverb drenched "The Motorcycle: A Prelude to Evel", which is probably not a good thing since it isn't actually a full song with vocals, but rather a prelude to "Evel Knievel Can Fly". Personal taste coming through, once again.

On songs like "Her Daze" and "Memory" the mood turns almost Disney-ish and I hate to say it but sounded like the stuff I hear on that Christian station that's always stepping on KXLU's radio frequency. I just cannot dig this type of pop. "Vaingloria" is a little more interesting and if you subtracted the vocals reminded me of music from a detective show plus a broadway musical. For me the best thing about this album was actually the lyrics, which is not a good sign since I'm often a melody guy myself. Holiday And The Adventure Pop Collective are very competent musicians and execute their songs with grace and finesse. But if you're looking for a soundbite from this review for the onesheet, you'll have to look elsewhere for now.

- review by BY (7.9.03)        

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